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Get On Down - Last Chance To Dance

Door -seeyoudance- op vrijdag 18 december 2015 om 14:49

Get On Down - Last Chance To Dance

Get On Down will be hosting the very last party at Studio 80. This will be a super-special, extra-extended GOD-edition on New Years Day. The club will close after January 1st, after years of operating at the forefront of new quality dance music. We are very honored to host their last party, so we have invited our favorite artists to play from dawn till sunrise, from 16:00 till late. There will be more acts, more time and more love to be shared.
Expect the unexpected, include the excluded…
enter the house of the queer-minded.

ANDY BUTLER (Hercules and Love Affair, Brussels)
Our very first guest is no one less than the iconic Andy Butler, the driving force behind retro-futurist disco house kingpins Hercules and Love Affair and label boss at mr.intl records. Super-thrilled to have one of our biggest inspiring artists at
Get On Down!

BAMBOUNOU (50Weapons, Paris)
Bambounou aka Jeremy Guindo is a part of the CLEKCLEKBOOM and 50Weapons label families, he has been a big influence within Parisian nightlife whilst putting out many outstanding releases.

CASPER TIELROOIJ (Dekmantel, Amsterdam)
Casper is known as the founder of the Dekmantel and Lente Kabinet festivals and the Dekmantel label.
As a DJ he combines different genres like house, techno, disco, dub, afro, Brazilian and more. 'Fusing it into one distinguishing mix in which I represent where I stand for, is what I strive for in music'.

DE DUPE (Bordello A Parigi, Delft)
De Dupe owns Bordello A Parigi, one of the best italo/electro/wave labels within The Netherlands. Otto Kraanen, his real name, worked with artists such as Skatebård, Alexander Robotnick, Flemming Dalum. Otto is also responsible for the distribution of many other labels and hosts his own club nights at multiple venues.

DOLLKRAUT (Charlois, Amsterdam)
Aka Pascal Pinkert makes music described as cinematic and glamorous, rough and haunting.
In 2012 he and his new post-rock/experimental band called LOLA performed at several venues including Berghain / Panorama Bar. He released records on Sound Architecture, The Gym, Permanent Vacation and TAPE.

LUPE (Get On Down, Amsterdam)
DJ/Producer and creative director of Get On Down, the resident of the party is also known for many other club parties such as Italo Elite and UNK.
He has a broad music range varying from disco to techno, this is also reflected on his music productions with releases such as Shake (Instant Replay) and most recent R N B (Silhouette Music).

MAYO (Amsterdam)
Youngster Marjolein Hoppen aka MAYO started out drumming and writing songs, but when she wanted to start a band, it turned out to be more difficult as she thought it would be. Result? She started dj-ing instead showing an impeccable selection at a recent gig at Studio 80, returning for the Last Chance To Dance

Nick Höppner (Ostgut Ton, Berlin)
We're thrilled to announce that we're inviting Ostgut Ton’s former label manager and Berghain Panoramabar resident. Currently residing in his home of choice and calling, Berlin, Höppner skillfully balances, explores and contributes to a dramatically wide range of musical professions, proving him to be one of the backbones of today's house and techno underground. As a DJ and producer, Höppner stands out as a unique, long-serving and truly dedicated figure in today's electronic music world.

TITIA (22tracks, Amsterdam)
In March we already invited TITIA to play alongside Portable, we're happy to invite her back during New Years Day. A professional music researcher during the day, as a DJ she has a well-tuned balance between old underground Chicago-style records and new releases with a raunchy, authentic sound.
Titia has proved to be one of Amsterdams finest selectors and one of our favourite DJs.

ROBERT BERGMAN (Rush Hour, Amsterdam)
Rober studied musicology and collects insane amounts of music and analog gear. His diversity and strong pick of records is what makes him unique as an artist. He released his first EP on BAKK, the second followed on Dekmantel last summer. On top of all this, Robert hosts a club night BEING Boiled at Studio 80 together with Andrei Vilcov.

The Amsterdam-based dj / promotor who became a cultural theorist at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in the field of dance culture with his legacy of many successful club nights in Dutch house history such as Rush in the Chemistry collective and New Babylon at Studio 80. With this Last Chance To Dance edition we pay tribute to the future and the past.

Get On Down brings quality dance music for the queer-minded. Previous parties included dj heroines & heroes like Honey Dijon, The Black Madonna,
Tama Sumo, Cormac, DJ Haus, Portable,
Hannah Holland, Sandrien, Zanzibar Chanel and the House Of Vineyard.

Get On Down

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